Our Events take you on a journey through innovation and collaboration. Join us as we participate in events where every conversation sparks new possibilities. It’s a moment where we listen, share, and grow together.

Upcoming events

From insightful discussions to industry-leading events, we invite you to engage with us in shaping tomorrow’s trends.

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Trade Show

VivaTech 2024

This is where business meets innovation

22 May

Trade Show


Join us at the AI Healthcare booth where we’ll discuss our cutting-edge solutions and expertise in AI for healthcare.

29 May

Generative AI

Breaking the Chain

Unveiling Trends and Possible Solutions in the Battle Against Counterfeits

04 Jun


La Nuit de L’Industrie

Conférence sur l’Intelligence Artificielle et cas d’applications dans l’industrie manufacturière

11 Jun

Generative AI

Flanders AI Forum 2024

Make the most of your business with AI

11 Jun


Intelligence Artificielle : une révolution pour les pratiques RH

IA : Un nouvel outil au service des RH ! – Stratégie et cas d’usage IA au sein des entreprises

18 Jun

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Generative AI

MTL Connect 2024

Understanding and Capitalizing on the Digital Revolution

15 Oct

Past events

Every event we’ve been a part of tells a story of our commitment to work together and lead the change in AI. Dive into our archives and discover the impact we’ve made at each one. 

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International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva

Watch our workshop: How Artificial Intelligence facilitates Idea Growth?

17 Apr

Generative AI

Wired Brains Caf̩ РSession 3

Opportunities & Challenges in Deploying Gen AI

25 Apr



Join world leaders in AI and machine learning

24 Mar


#TechDemo x Effixis : Creating your own ChatGPT

AI applications that are specifically tailored for your industry and customized adaptations for SMEs

27 Feb


Workshop : L’IA au service de l’industrie

L’IA au service de l’industrie : Démystifier les mythes, apprécier les réalités.

14 Mar

Generative AILearning

Generative AI Demystified

A roadmap for HR & Change Management Leaders

17 Oct


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