MTL Connect 2024

Understanding and Capitalizing on the Digital Revolution
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MTL Connect is an annual event with international reach organized by the nonprofit Printemps numérique. This gathering of entrepreneurs, researchers, policymakers, industry players, and artists aims to explain the challenges and stakes of the digital revolution while presenting opportunities and providing solutions to profit from it. It’s also an opportunity for participants to expand their network and develop business relationships and collaborations.

MTL Connect addresses the digital field in a cross-sectional way, through its economic, social, cultural, and environmental impacts across various sectors of activity.

MTL Connect 2024

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Guillaume Vanhalst

Belgium Director

Past events

Every event we’ve been a part of tells a story of our commitment to work together and lead the change in AI. Dive into our archives and discover the impact we’ve made at each one.

International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva

Watch our workshop: How Artificial Intelligence facilitates Idea Growth?

17 Apr

Generative AI

Wired Brains Caf̩ РSession 3

Opportunities & Challenges in Deploying Gen AI

25 Apr



Join world leaders in AI and machine learning

24 Mar


#TechDemo x Effixis : Creating your own ChatGPT

AI applications that are specifically tailored for your industry and customized adaptations for SMEs

27 Feb


Workshop : L’IA au service de l’industrie

L’IA au service de l’industrie : Démystifier les mythes, apprécier les réalités.

14 Mar

Generative AILearning

Generative AI Demystified

A roadmap for HR & Change Management Leaders

17 Oct


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