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Effixis stands by businesses and governmental agencies, transforming their AI aspirations into tangible results and roadmaps with comprehensive workshops, strategic guidance, and technical expertise.


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Empower your business with data and AI, harnessing their full potential to unlock unprecedented growth.
AI Academy
Trainings & Upskilling
From technical skills to data culture, our dynamic and engaging AI trainings are designed to empower beginners, specialists, and executives alike.
AI Strategy
Strategy & Governance
Navigate the data-driven landscape with our expert guidance, from identifying potent use-cases to shaping your personalized AI strategy.
AI Development
Implementation & Deployment
From concept to deployment, we collaborate with your team to create tailor-made, advanced AI solutions that propel your business forward.

Case studies

The Case Studies Explorer

Discover our successful track record in data science, machine learning, and AI projects, illustrating how your organization can benefit the smarter use of data. Explore how we have overcome challenges similar to yours.
Financial Services

Fostering a Culture of AI-driven Innovation in the Financial Sector

Empowering Top Executives with Generative AI for Strategic Innovation
industrial machinery image designed to accompany text

Internal Intelligent Assistant for Industrial Machinery

Efficient and Transparent Knowledge Retrieval with LLM-Powered Smart Chatbot.
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Public Sector

Cyberdefence & Language Models – Enhanced monitoring

Innovative AI powered dashboard to foster cybersecurity news monitoring.


The Blog Explorer

Explore the fascinating world of AI through our expertly crafted blog articles. Delve deep into the ever-evolving technological landscapes with Effixis.

The Rise of AI in Flanders: Key Findings from the 2023 AI Barometer Report

AI’s Impact on Competitiveness with Efficiency, Cost Reduction, and Quality Improvement.
AI AdoptionIndustry Impact
Effixis' Marketing Specialist

Mariély Dias

Marketing Specialist

ai generated image to accompany the blog

The Impact of AI on Market Research for FMCG Giants

How Artificial Intelligence Is Shaping the Future of Consumer Insights
Industry ImpactMarket Research
Effixis' Director of Data Science and co founder

Elliott Bertrand


decorative illustration generated with AI to accompany our text

Start IA Wallonie & Effixis : Lancez vous dans l’IA en toute sérénité

BĂ©nĂ©ficiez d’un accompagnement sur mesure, portĂ© par la rĂ©gion wallonne
Generative AIIndustry ImpactStrategy
Effixis' Belgium Director

Guillaume Vanhalst

Belgium Director

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Born in 2017 near the Swiss Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Effixis’ mission is to bring the power of data & AI to companies. It wouldn’t be possible without our most valuable asset: the people of Effixis. Discover our values, who we are, and why we do it.
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