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Responsible AI - From Fictional Dreams to Ethical Realities

Understanding AI and its Boundless Power

Using LLMs to augment human-centered workflows

From Chatbots to Genius Bots: Language AI’s Journey in Revolutionizing Productivity

Effixis and HES-SO Valais-Wallis Generative Learning Center Announce Partnership

Together Driving Reliable and Responsible Generative AI Adoption.

Utilizing Large Language Models for internal information distribution

In a world that constantly transforms and refines itself, businesses and their workforce need to stay in sync with the latest industry-related breakthroughs to remain competitive and innovative.

Information Retrieval in the AI Age: An In-depth Look at Semantic Search

Discover how Effixis is innovating with semantic search and retrieval augmented generation in information retrieval. Learn how these techniques improve the effectiveness of large language models, and get a glimpse of our approach and results within a legal document corpus.

Enterprise Data Paradigm Shift for Financial Institutions

Moving from queries to prompts in the banking industry : how generative AI will change the data retrieval process.


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