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We offer AI workshops designed to enhance innovation, efficiency, and growth for individuals and organizations. Our corporate programs include executive workshops and comprehensive upskilling courses that cover Generative AI, Prompt Engineering, and tools such as ChatGPT, Microsoft Copilot, Google Gemini, Midjourney, and more.

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We are dedicated to equipping you with the essential skills, insights, and mindset necessary for thriving in an AI-driven era.

Prompt Univeristy : the learning-hub where we demystify AI, its full potential, and prepare you and your teams for the future.

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Client Success Stories

Read insights from our clients on how our joint efforts have advanced their goals and brought real change.

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The audiences

Our AI workshops address the needs of the entire organization, from technical teams to senior executives, providing comprehensive and tailored training to help maximize the benefits of AI across all business functions.



We provide executives with a high-level understanding of AI technologies and their potential impact on their organization, as well as insights into how to integrate AI into their strategic planning, decision-making, and operational processes to drive business value and competitive advantage.

Project Managers

Project Managers

We equip project managers with the knowledge and skills necessary to plan, execute, and manage AI projects end-to-end, navigate complex technical issues, and ensure that the AI initiatives align with the business objectives.

Tech Teams

Tech Teams

We help technical teams staying up to date with the latest AI technologies and best practices, and train them to develop skills necessary to create innovative AI applications.

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The methodology

By choosing our workshops, participants can benefit from cutting-edge expertise, hands-on experience, and practical insights that enable them to unlock the full potential of AI and achieve their business objectives.
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Our fully tailored AI workshops are designed in close collaboration with the learning partners of our clients to ensure maximum relevance, effectiveness, and impact, enabling participants to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their specific roles and contexts.
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Our engaging AI workshops feature industry-specific use cases, dedicated Q&A sessions, and small-group activities to promote interaction, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing among participants, ensuring they leave with practical insights and actionable strategies.

From experts

Our AI workshops are led by industry experts with deep technical knowledge and extensive experience in delivering trainings to corporate audiences, ensuring that participants receive the highest quality of instruction and guidance.
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Straight to the point

Our AI workshops are designed to be concise, focused, and highly relevant, delivering the key concepts, techniques, and skills necessary to succeed in the AI landscape, without unnecessary fluff or filler.
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The workshops

We offer a wide range of workshops and training sessions focused on AI & NLP innovation. Our workshops are designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to leverage the power of data.
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Introduction to Data Science

Deep dive the foundational principles of data science, from collection to visualization, going through machine learning.

Data Science for Leaders

Discover how data science can help your organization and foster innovation through interactive 1h sessions.
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Foundations of Data Ethics

Understand the various risks and opportunities associated to data innovation and, learn how to make it right.

AI Strategy

This half-day workshop covers various strategic opportunities within your organization

Principles of NLP

Develop basic or advanced technical capabilities in Natural Language Processing with hands-on case studies.

Introduction to CHATGPT & LLM

Learn how to leverage Large Language Models in your organization with practical examples and applications.

Principles of LLM

Uncover LLM applications, architectures, training, and evaluation with practical examples and demos.
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Your Tailored Workshop

We design workshops in close collaboration with the learning partners of our customers to ensure maximum relevance.

The speakers

Our world-class speakers are industry experts with extensive experience in AI and NLP, who bring a wealth of knowledge, insights, and practical advice to our workshops.

Guillaume Vanhalst

Speaker & Director

Guillaume Vanhalst

Guillaume is a skilled speaker on a diverse range of topics, including Power BI, CRM and Introductory workshops in AI and LLM. Additionally, he specializes in delivering training for the banking sector, SMEs and NGOs.

Melvin Kianmanesh

Speaker & Product Director

Melvin Kianmanesh

Melvin leads product development through his deep technical and pragmatic knowledge of investment, quantitative & regulatory topics that are faced by institutions. He has developed cutting-edge and successful solutions for financial regulators and institutions, some of which are used by hundreds of financial institutions.

Dr. Zachary Schillaci

Speaker & Head of AI

Dr. Zachary Schillaci

Zachary, an experienced presenter and Head of AI specializing in NLP, has successfully delivered workshops on topics such as Introduction to Natural Language Processing, Data Science, and Deep Learning for renowned clients.

Rémi Sabonnadière

Main speaker & CEO

Rémi Sabonnadière

Rémi has delivered 100+ workshops to executives and leaders, and is a keynote speaker at prestigious institutions such as EPFL, United Nations, and more.


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