Generative AI for HR Innovation

Effixis’ workshop introduced Generative AI’s potential in HR to a recruitment agency. It covered AI basics, HR applications, and ethical considerations. The agency embraced AI for more personalized and ethical recruitment while preserving the human touch.
Human Resources


Navigating the dynamic world of recruitment requires agility, precision, and a keen understanding of evolving technologies. Effixis, in collaboration with a leading recruitment agency specializing in seasoned technical and office profiles, designed a workshop tailored to their needs. The ambition? Introducing the transformative power of Generative AI to recruitment and its implications for the HR sector.

Our journey began with an encompassing overview, setting the stage with an understanding of the AI landscape. By taking participants on a chronological exploration of AI’s evolution and current terminologies, including highlights like GPT-4 and LLaMA, we laid a solid foundation.

But understanding AI was just the start. We delved deeper into Generative AI, elucidating its unique features and the numerous use cases across industries. Our spotlight then turned to the HR sector. Participants got a comprehensive view of the recent AI advancements in HR and the influence Generative AI could exert on it.

The workshop then turned interactive as we shared potential applications of Generative AI specific to the recruitment agency’s objectives. From candidate sourcing to resume parsing, from chatbots to candidate engagement – we illustrated how Generative AI could revolutionize the recruitment process.

Yet, with great power comes great responsibility. Our segment on ethical challenges cast light on biases, data security concerns, and the broader impact of AI on employment within the HR sector. Recognizing the importance of maintaining a human touch in recruitment, we emphasized a balanced, hybrid approach, integrating the strengths of both AI and human insight.


The repercussions of the workshop were nothing short of transformative for the recruitment agency. Equipped with insights on Generative AI’s potential and its applications in HR, they began to rethink their approach to candidate sourcing, engagement, and overall recruitment strategies.

There was a notable spike in interest among the agency’s teams to leverage AI tools, especially when it came to specific prompt engineering tailored for recruitment. With a clear roadmap ahead, the next step is a focused training on this specific domain, with an ambitious goal: harnessing these AI tools to significantly boost productivity without compromising the agency’s personal and human touch.

But it wasn’t just about efficiency. These tools, as highlighted during our sessions, promise a new era of personalized talent acquisition. They enable recruiters to have a more tailored approach to each “talent”, ensuring that placements are not just about filling vacancies but about establishing meaningful, fitting connections between candidates and companies.

The ethical discussions sparked critical debates within the agency, laying the groundwork for a responsible and considerate AI adoption. The vision was clear: a future where Generative AI complements and enhances the recruiters’ expertise, marrying efficiency with empathy.

Guillaume Vanhalst giving the Generative AI workshop to the HR company.
Guillaume Vanhalst giving the Generative AI workshop to the HR company.

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