Beyond Traditional Learning: Shaping the Next Generation of Educational Tools

From Concept to Classroom: The Journey of Developing an AI-Powered Quiz Platform
Natural Language Processing


At Effixis, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Sigmagency, a dynamic business that specializes in the development of web and mobile solutions. Sigmagency wants to offer new ways to learn in a fun and engaging setting by using artificial intelligence (AI) to develop QuizBattle, a dynamic AI quiz generator.


QuizBattle Homepage


Sigmagency’s mission was straightforward, but they faced the challenging task of integrating generative AI to automate the generation of tailored quiz questions. They needed a system that could dynamically produce quizzes on any topic, assuring both flexibility and depth in the learning experience.

Implementation Challenges

Ensuring model interpretability and managing high-dimensional datasets were significant challenges we overcame. By adopting a human-in-the-loop approach, we ensured that the AI-generated content remained relevant and accurate.

The requirements of the system prompt, which would ensure that all data and content are taken into account when the AI agent completes its job, was another crucial component that should not be overlooked.


Through comprehensive workshops and brainstorming sessions that took place during the early stages of the project, we made sure that every demand specified by Sigmagency was carefully taken into account. We were able to improve the solution through our agile & iterative development method, guaranteeing a responsive and secure AI that could precisely match the demands of the user. It was essential for us to train the Sigmagency team and that we reviewed and adjusted their workflow in order to properly integrate this new technology.


Generative AI (LLM)


We developed a cutting-edge web application that combined human creativity with AI.
To improve the user experience, it was crucial to develop software that allowed users to easily interact with the interface to write a topic on which they wanted to be challenged. The AI then utilizes this topic as a basis for questions generation.
QuizBattle, which uses an LLM for intelligent content creation, enables broad quiz customization, including difficulty levels, subjects, and contextual information.
We have also included elements such as the ability to share the quiz with your friends and compete with them. At the end of the quiz, a ranking displays the user who scored the best.
With our assistance from upskilling to strategy and implementation, Sigmagency launched a dynamic, instructive, and engaging learning product on the market.


Quiz Battle Ranking


Quiz Battle Personalized Settings


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