Classical music artists monitoring & rising star discovery

Leveraging our NLP-based Intelligent Tagging platform in the music industry for monitoring classical music artists and discovering rising stars in the age of social media.
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A client is operating in the classical music industry, giving visibility to rising talents and building a community around their platform. As part of their platform, our client wanted to integrate external data to help monitor rising talents.

Indeed, even in the age of social media, it is a challenge for young and rising artists to promote themselves. On the other hand, it is also a challenge for agents and agencies to find and monitor the best talents.

Solution & Approach

Through Effixis’ Intelligent Tagging platform, we provided our client with a tool for monitoring rising talents, the festivals, and competitions they attended, their portraits and critiques of their performances, etc.

Through our standardized methodology with the Intelligent Tagging solution, our client’s requirements were gathered and the solution was tailored to their specific needs. The Intelligent Tagging platform provided efficient data collection capabilities, as well as integrated NLP features that we fine-tuned for our client’s specific use case. This way data such as news articles, concert announcements, or social media posts were automatically gathered and structured information such as the mentioned artists, venues, etc. was extracted. This data could then be found on their platform as a “News Room”


Most challenges could be addressed through Effixis’ methodology for Intelligent Tagging, where the client brings the field expertise and the ontology is built according to their needs. The main challenge when monitoring rising talents is the lack of signal. As they are not yet covered in the news, social media, and critiques, one has to tailor the data sourcing in such a way that signal of those rising stars is found. This was achieved through extended data sourcing.



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