Want to cut down on repetitive data collection work?

According to SCIP, market & competitive intelligence professionals spend 70% of their time in the data research step.


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I always feel bad when I see smart, highly educated and knowledgeable colleagues in the intelligence community stuck on doing tedious and boring tasks.

The problem is that every time we have a new idea, we are called back to monitoring a wide range of data sources: websites, news articles & reports, just to name a few. And when we think that we are done, here we are again at the starting point…

According to SCIP, market & competitive intelligence professionals spend 70% of their time in this research step and less than 18% activating their research into useful intelligence.

Luckily, we’ve developed a solution to this problem…

To get your time back under control and work efficiently towards producing intelligence, you need an automation framework that follows these steps:

  1. Automate data collection and centralization of all your sources. This can be done using scrappers, APIs and other techniques.
  2. Apply filters to the data to only keep relevant and new information.
  3. Classify: assign each data point to a specific type of information, business segmentation, company, location, etc. This can be done using simple rules, all the way to the implementation of complex AI algorithms.
  4. Display the results on BI tools such as PowerBI, Tableau or Qlik.

The solution will give you a centralized view of all the relevant information in one unique place. This is huge, it allows you to link the information in each document together to identify trends and patterns.

This process will drastically reduce the time you spend on tedious and repetitive work. It will also provide you with a continuous monitoring system instead of having to manually repeat data collection. The last point with BI tools will have two benefits:

  • Bringing all your analysis down to one place, allowing you to contextualize your analysis in a higher-level “macro” framework and detect trends and patterns.
  • Sharing and communicating with your stakeholders in your own unique way.

Now obviously, that’s easier said than done, right?

You can’t normally just start an IT and AI project without tons of effort and struggles with any guaranteed success.

That’s why we’ve created a solution that allows you to run that process very easily.

If you’d like, let’s hop on a quick phone call together to see if it is the right solution for you and your team.

Book some time to chat here.

During that call, we’ll look at how you are currently working, how your business could implement this process, and what your best next steps would be if you decide to pursue this strategy.

Spots are limited, and there’s zero obligation to work with me, but if we do end up being a fit, I’ll invite you to become a private client of mine and I can set it all up for you (sit back and relax while the software does all the hard work).

Looking forward to speaking with you!


Melvin Kian

Effixis’ Founder, Melvin drives product development with his technical expertise and hands-on experience in tackling investment, quantitative, and regulatory challenges for institutions.


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