Use case: Intelligent news tagging for competitive and marketing intelligence


A large Swiss industrial company needed to automate its market and competitive news collection and analysis process due to increasing number of subjects to monitor.


Develop an efficient and tailor-made solution to acquire, tag and visualize news as well as distribute to the relevant stakeholders.


  • APIs
  • Natural Language Processing (Python)


A dashboard that automatically gathers and analyses data from 9’000 sources and tags news with:

  • Geographies, companies and people concerned
  • Client’s business lines concerned, with relevance score
  • News type (regulatory, management change, financial statement, patents, etc.)
  • Sentiment and urgency analysis
  • Auto-translating news

The system is now up and running and used both as an advanced decision model for Market intelligence as well as a “self-service” for other departments such as R&D, Sales and management.


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