A new approach to data consumption

In the information era, it is challenging to stay up to date and extract meaningful knowledge from all the available data. Our solution allows you to cut the tedious and manual data filtering and get the information you need only in a few clicks.

A streamlined solution for knowledge management across your organization

Our intelligent tagging engine is tailored to your business requirements. The AI labels unstructured data and organizes it in a clean and insightful database.

Enhancing intelligence sharing

Tailor made and easy to use dashboards and user interfaces to enhance intelligence sharing, newsletters, and flag systems.

Extraction of key information

Pre-processing of articles to extract key information such as sentiment, relevance, concerned companies, and much more.

Uncovering hidden patterns

Database creation of historic and geographic analysis of news to uncover hidden patterns and trends.

Insights from large sources of data

Industrial use cases

  Competitive innovation monitoring

 Ecosystem analysis

 Trends & Insights dashboard

●  Patent search engine

Financial use cases

  Company screening

  Security selection for thematic investments

  Compliance with AML

Intelligent news tagging for retail investor activity monitoring

Following the GameStop (GME) Reddit saga and retail investors' massive involvement...

AI-enhanced thematic portfolio construction (ETF selection)

A leading Swiss private bank needed to automate and enhance the selection of ETFs...

Intelligent news tagging for competitive and marketing intelligence

A large Swiss industrial company needed to automate its market and competitive news...


Get a test solution deployed in less than a month.

Workshops with business stakeholders to scope fields of interest and needs

1-month PoC to deploy our models and build dashboards

Deployment of a continuous solution, improve and integrated more business use cases continuously


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