Accelerate your data science projects

Through innovative data-driven solutions for risk, financial performance and regulation

In a more and more complex and uncertain world, reliable risk and finance analytics strategies are becoming the bedrock of sustainable growth, profitability and performance.

We combine our knowledge, experience, and proprietary technologies to support organizations in their transformation journey and to unlock the potential of data through advanced analytics and machine learning. Our experienced team of mathematicians and data scientists is dedicated to providing high-quality services for your risk, simulation and financial analytics projects.  

Some references and cases studies

Financial analytics & economic scenario simulation for Swiss hospitals

FINMA’s «Swiss Solvency Test»: A Software used by 100+ Swiss Insurers

IT development cost and risk analysis for an AI company


We support financial institutions, private companies and public organizations in their risk, finance and regulation projects through innovative data-driven solutions. 

Regulation & audit automation

Perform your regulatory requirements swiftly by automating processes and interacting with intuitive interfaces.

Operational risk & anomaly detection

Understand the various factors impacting your operations and protect your teams and assets from hazards

Stress-testing & scenario simulation

Develop rock-solid strategies and stress test your hypotheses through advanced scenario simulation and data-driven approaches.

Business financial performance analytics

Grow your business by gaining live and pertinent insights into your financial, operational and risk data.

Investment strategy optimization

Enhance your investment strategies using quantitative methods and smart allocation

Data innovation projects

Create value from your data through innovative ideas, methodologies and projects


Data Visualization & Dashboarding

Enable your team to get valuable insights into your data. Whether is is for exploration or consolidation, data visualization and dashboarding are vital components of successful data-driven projects. 

  • Get a live and consolidated view of your daily operations 
  • Identify anomalies, trends, and patterns 
  • Disseminate relevant insights within your organization 

Data Science & Machine Learning

Machine learning and advanced algorithms allows you to find value where it is to complex for the human eye. These are powerful tools to predict an event’s likelihood and are the beating heart of next-generation risk and stress testing tools.

  • Accurately predict the likelihood of events and enhance forecasting models
  • Understand intricate patterns and detect unsuspected relationships
  • Consolidate your existing datasets through data mining and increase your models’ accuracy

Training & E-learning

Effective digital transformation occurs when all parties involved have a common understanding of the potential of data within the organization. Continuous education plays a key part in data awareness as well as in the internalization of processes.

  • Get a 360° understanding of the data science pipeline to consolidate your data strategy
  • Develop hands-on skills in programming languages as well as data visualization products
  • Enhance your capabilities in data analysis within specific subjects such as risk management or actuarial sciences

Some of our training offers

Data Analytics for Managers

No programming

Introduction to Risk Analytics

2 full days
R or Python

Introduction to Data Visualization

1 full day

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