AI for Intelligence Teams

Data collection can be automated & continuous. Insights can be centralized & contextualized. Geographic & language coverage can be complete, 100+ languages.


Stop wasting your time collecting data. Start leveraging it.

Market & competitive analysts spend on average 70% of their time in tedious and repetitive data collection, aggregation & distribution tasks. We help you automate the tedious work so that you can focus on producing meaningful strategic insights that move the needle. We know your worth, we will free up your time so that you can show it.
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Empowering intelligence professionals

We gather all your favorite data sources and bring them all in one place.

Up to 20H

That is the weekly time you could save and invest in producing better intelligence, covering more markets and competitors.

Full customization

For your specific and favorite data sources & subjects. AI-based filters and categorisations that match your market segmentation.

Time saving

Continuously and automatically monitor new information from different sources. Don’t waste your time if there is nothing new to see.

+100 Languages

Get market & competitive insights from all over the world, no matter the language. Remove western-centric geographic bias.


How do we work together ?

We start with a 3 month pilot & test phase and then move to a yearly subscription that includes quarterly review of sources, segments and dashboards with our experts.


Connect the right sources

Your favorite +150’000 sources, API’s, specialized press, internal data, scientific papers, patent databases.


Define your market segments, filters and entities

Together, we define your ontologies and your vision of the world. Our proprietary NLP-based technologies filter out unwanted data and classify it according to your needs.


Fine-tune the dashboards

The data feed is then plugged into dashboards, centralizing all the information in one single place.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our basic offering includes integration and a high level of customization. Consulting and integration are Effixis’ heart and fulfill our mission: deliver you pragmatic & valuable solutions that are adapted to your unique business case. Not only do we provide these services to tailor our solution to your specific case, but we are also the only provider offering such services in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our solution is compatible with BI tools such as Power BI, Tableau, and Qlik. BI tools allow you a great degree of customization and control over your workflow. They also allow you to integrate our solution with other sources of data to produce your own internal reports, battle cards & presentations through your preferred communication channels.

We use a subfield of Artificial Intelligence called Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP leverages linguistics, computer science, and machine learning to process and analyze large quantities of human language data (i.e. news articles, tweets, market research, etc).

Conventional searches rely on simple rule-based matching techniques based on the presence of keywords, while advanced NLP algorithms capable of understanding text instead search for particular concepts. Such techniques can flag two texts as similar, even if the vocabulary or language used differs.

We cover +150.000 websites, news, blogs and social media sources. We will also integrate any specific online sources that you use, as well as third-party licenses such as Factiva.


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