Effixis Academy

Developing internal competencies and fostering employee creativity are at the heart of a successful and sustainable data transformation. We provide state-of-the-art training and workshops to accompany you and your team in the AI journey.

Our training philosophy is that we transform complex technical material into intuitive concepts through highly visual content, use cases tailored to your industry, and top-notch course instructors.

They Trust Us:

Foundations courses

Build awareness across your organization on data science for all employees and embrace data transformation!

Introduction to Data Science

Data Science for Leaders

Foundations of Data Ethics

Technical courses

Develop technical capabilities with hands-on case studies and benefit from our experienced instructors to brainstorm about applications!

Principles of NLP: Python - half-day

Principles of ML: Python or R - half-day

Principles of Data Biz: PowerBI or TABLEAU - 1 full day

PowerBI & ML: PowerBI and Azure - 1 full day

Ideation workshops

AI strategy workshop

One half-day workshop to explore the various opportunities within your organization

AI design sprint

Five half-day sessions to design, prototype, and test your next-generation data-driven products and services.

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