Our Track Record: the SST Tool

We are best known for our very first project, the SST Tool. We developed this software on the behalf of FINMA, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisor Authority.


Introduce a new computational solvency regulatory model for Swiss insurers.

Swiss Solvency Test (SST): FINMA's risk-based solvency capital requirement regulation.
A mandatory yearly requirement for Swiss-licensed insurers.
Complex modeling of market, credit and insurance risks based on Monte-Carlo simulations.
Diverse reporting use cases.

Our Solution

A simple software solution allowing each insurer to compute and report its solvency capital.

Used by more than 100 insurance companies & FINMA
No bugs, no necessary support and maintenance in at least than 2 years
Completed in less than 5 months
Immediately adopted by the market

Traditional Vendors

Huge fit-for-all infrastructures.

Implementation, consulting & training overhead.

Long-term locking licenses.

Reduced agility.


Targeted & intuitive apps and modules.

Learn by yourself, get going now.

No commitment, we bet on quality.

Move fast.

Our expertise

Meet our team

Founders & Advisors

Melvin Kianmanesh Rad


Adrien Lamit


Loris Michel


Pr. Joe Peppard

Principal research scientist @ MIT Sloan

Dr. Roger Meli

Head of risk & regulation @ Azenes AG